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HPE Nimble Storage


Nimble storage

Simple, predictive and cloud-ready all flash and hybrid flash storage

Meet the intelligent, self-managing all flash and hybrid-flash storage that eliminate app-data gap and guarantee 99.99% availability. Discover why enterprises worldwide are turning to the powerful predictive capabilities of HPE Nimble Storage.

Addressing the storage challenge

Users expect instant data availability. Slow and complex data infrastructure creates a data gap that slows down the business outcomes. Storage performance is a big driver of the problem, but less than half of the problem stems from storage. Other problems are caused by configurations as people fails to follow best practices, interoperability and bottlenecks. IT must deal with a range of issues when a problem happens. Flash has dramatic benefits in the performance issues. Converged HCI simplifies the deployment and management of IT, and cloud fundamentally increase agility. Though flash solves storage performance, it doesn't address the rest of infrastructure problem. While converged HCI and cloud have massive benefits, they suffer from black-box penalties. There is no visibility into what lives under the cover therefore, when a problem happens, it is difficult to troubleshoot. HPE Nimble storage delivers a radically simpler storage, support experience and 6-9s availability. It provides great value for performance and capacity efficiency, all in a common experience across All Flash Array (AFA), hybrid and cloud.

Introducing HPE InfoSight

InfoSight is the heart of HPE Nimble. It is what gives Nimble the value that goes beyond storage. HPE InfoSight brings simplified AI-driven operations to the hybrid cloud world that transform how infrastructure is managed and supported. It uses cloud-based AI to provide global insight in to the status and health of storage infrastructure, all in one centralized location. InfoSight helps IT overcome complexity and simplify storage management in three critical ways:

Predict and prevent problems

86% of issues are automatically resolved. The global predictive analytics is not just to identity the issues and quickly resolve them, but to utilize the power of the HPE Nimble Storage globally connected installed base to prevent having the problem to begin with. As InfoSight analyzes the installed base, it is predicting and preventing every environment, and if it uncovers an issue, it proactively resolves it.


Global visibility

99.99% measured availability. InfoSight sees what others can not and it provides clear insights up and down the infrastructure stack, across your environments in to the past and future. InfoSight has embedded data science and machine learning to give you the right answer using all the systems connected in the cloud. It also gives you access to infrastructure that gets smarter by learning from other systems.

The support that you love

InfoSight delivers a transformed support experience that you will love. It automates the tasks handled by traditional Level 1 and Level 2 support staff. This has allowed Nimble to build a support organization made up entirely of level 3 experts, so in some rare case you need support, you'll be directly connected to a level 3 support engineers who has all of your information needed at their fingertips to help you resolve the problem.


HPE Nimble Solutions

Nimble storage is best for general purpose workloads where effortless and overall affordability are valued.

Hybrid Flash

All Flash



Recommended workloads

  • Multi-cloud flash fabric
  • Very high performance and efficient hybrid
  • Secondary storage target
  • VDI

What Nimble can bring

  • 79% lower management OpEx
  • Simple integrated data management
  • Non-disruptive scale & upgrades
  • Integrated data protection
  • 100% predictive level 1 and level 2 support