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877986-B21 - HPE 2TB NVMe x4 Lanes Read Intensive SFF (2.5in) SCN 3yr Wty Digitally Signed Firmware SSD

SKU:12299 | MPN:877986-B21 | Brand: HPE | UPC: 190017185811 | New retail condition | LOC:
877986-B21 - HPE 2TB NVMe x4 Lanes Read Intensive SFF (2.5in) SCN 3yr Wty Digitally Signed Firmware SSD
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Item features

  • 2TB
  • PCIe/NVMe x4 interface
  • Smart Carrier
  • Read Intensive
  • SFF (2.5-inch)
  • Best for HPE Gen8, Gen9, Gen10 server
  • Part# 877986-B21
  • 3-year warranty
  • New retail condition
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NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express, is a from-the-ground-up industry specification that focuses on efficiency, scalability, and performance. HPE NVMe PCIe SSDs talk directly to your applications via the PCIe bus, boosting I/O bandwidth and reducing latency to scale performance in line with your processing requirements. This means, for example, that you can host your entire database on one or more HPE NVMe PCIe SSDs for enhanced in-memory access and performance.HPE Read Intensive 12G SAS and 6G SATA SSDs deliver enterprise features at an affordable price in HPE servers. Read Intensive SSDs deliver great performance for workloads high in reads such as boot/swap, web servers, and read caching, just to name a few.

Ideal for

Read Caching, Web Servers, Social Media, Boot/Swap, Analytics, Cloud, Computing, Bulk Storage, Active Archiving, Email, Database, Security,Batch

Item detailed specifications

Manufacturer Part Number
Form factor
SFF (2.5-inch)
Drive carrier
Smart Carrier
Plug type
PCIe/NVMe x4
Read Intensive
Server compatibility
HPE ProLiant Gen8, Gen9, Gen10